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About me – Life Changer

Life Changer

In 2016 I was diagnosed with cancer in my thyroid, that’s the one that controls metabolism, energy and has an influence on one’s mood too.
I live with my wife and two children in an old house, that I have used six years of my life building (I wouldn’t recommend it, and I will never do it again).
I was working as a teacher in a school of photography, and at that time, I had been teaching for more than 15 years. I did like my job, and I was good at it.

One year earlier, when I was still working as a teacher, I began to feel very tired all the time, I couldn’t concentrate, I was gaining weight and I was starting to feel unhappy about everything.
Every day after lunch at work I was done, finished, caput. I felt like hiding or sleeping and I just wanted to be left alone and that’s a bad combi when 24 students look at you for what to do next and ask a lot of good questions as they should.

I thought that it was the pain from all the traffic injuries that was finally getting to me, I must admit that I have been one of those full throttles, “I will die young and I don’t care” kind of person.
That kind of behavior will cost you, I mean, many injuries equal many pains, and many pains equal restrictions and exhaustion.

Finally, I dragged my ass to the doctor, then the hospital and after some rather unpleasant examinations I was diagnosed with the big C, cancer in my thyroid and it had to be removed. Boom.
The good thing about it was that there was a cure, but the bad thing was that no doctor would promise me that I would survive.

Just the thought of dying from my little boy and girl, and give them a loss and grief from such an early age still breaks my heart.
Having small children makes it remarkably easy to get over your own misfortune but the thought of bringing the ones I love pain….. Now, that really hurts.

Hurry Ip u0026amp; Make A Lot Of Good Memories Fast

We bought a dog, and an outdoor bubble bath, and a one month trip to Thailand with my wife and children. It was a kind of “hurry up and make a lot of good memories fast” reaction.
In the back of my mind, I knew that I wouldn’t give up… not easy anyway, so I started to think about what I would do if the doctor gave me the thumbs down. Well, there is a lot of things to work out before you die, so you don’t leave your loved ones with even more pain, but that’s another story.

Why Keto

I was starting to read stories about people whom the doctors had given up on. There was a lot of amazing stories about people who literally had no chance of surviving, who managed to turn around and regain life on full power.
And it was in those stories that I found that food really can act as medicine for us people.

I threw my hopes on a ketogenic diet as it has so many benefits on your overall well-being; your energy, mood and on the clarity and function of your brain.
The ketogenic diet also contributes to the cure of many illnesses, like some types of Cancer, Epilepsy, Metabolic syndrome, Diabetes and, Parkinson’s Disease to name a few.

Now three years later, the ketogenic diet intermediate fasting, is still the core of our family diet.
And let me tell you, the more you get into what your body really needs or what you need to do to try to heal your body, the more you realize that 80% of the foods you can buy in the supermarket are not suitable for eating.

80% Of All Food Isn’t For Human Consumption.

By now, we all know that processed food is not good for you, but I was shocked to find out that many kinds of food that I thought was all right just wasn’t.

The first year or so we read the label of all food we bought and tried to hunt down what it really was, and oh my …. When I say that 80% of all food isn’t for human consumption, I am not saturating – there are all kinds of things in our food that doesn’t really needs to be there.

Things you pack in your kid’s lunch box every day can contribute to cancer, allergies, and all kinds of illness. I have called some of these companies and asked why they put that stuff in it. First, they said that the amount of additives is very small, and it’s to make the food look fresher and last longer.

Firstly, maybe it’s a small amount, but when a kid eat two or three lunch packets a day, every day for 10 years, then what?


‘If you look at the statistics of most cancer types, you can easily see that they have increased during the many last years, and they are even prognosed to increase even more in the coming years. It is frightening and it is getting worse every year. Try doing the same thing with diabetes and other big and serious illnesses and you will get some of the same results

It does not make sense to put all those additives in our food and we all know somebody who has had cancer or died of cancer.

It only makes sense for those unscrupulous manufacturers and advertisers of those foods. If our food cannot last the journey from one country to another without being stuffed with poison, well then we should probably just eat the food from the nearest organic farmer instead, right?

We Have The Power To Stop It

It is pure madness, and guys, we have the power to stop it, just don’t buy these foods any more…. And spread the word to everybody.

And next up is the decency; we need to give the animals we eat a decent life, and we need to produce our food in a way that is sustainable for our environment and future generations. And we should not support the greedy businesses who are stuffing the pockets with gold on our expense in every way.

No matter if you are going on a ketogenic diet or some other diet or no diet at all, it is easy for you to get a very big list of safe foods from which you can make a variety of the most delicious and healthy food for you and your family for the next 200 years.

The Rest Of The Story

I should say, that I managed to beat cancer and I am sure that my diet did its part of the healing as well, as well as the treatment I received at the hospital.I did end up losing my job though, and I have been without for the last three years.

Instead of just trying to find a new job as a teacher, I decided to try to fulfill a dream of being my own master.
It took many attempts and I have tried countless things and failed before finally making it, but that is another story on another website.
But here’s a link if you are interested.