Gut Bacteria Test Kit Review

Gut Bacteria Test Kit Review

Gut Bacteria Test Kit Review

What are gut bacteria?

Gut bacteria are a mix of hundreds of bacteria that are varying in nature from each other. Their unique composition and groupings result in a unique microbiota. This microbiota is often formed by the groupings between different bacteria with another small organism such as fungi and different viruses. Every person’s composition of the microbiota is very different from any other person. Their composition is greatly influenced by the inherited genetic formation of your mother’s microbiota while other factors such as environment and nutrition habits along with the general lifestyle of a person may also partly affect the determination of formation of one’s microbiota. This type of bacteria has the greatest influence on a person’s biology and in return, even on psychology somewhat. The gut bacteria can impact a person’s digestive system as it is actively present throughout the digestive organs. Abundantly they are found in the colon and the intestines and influence not only your metabolism but even your immune system and moods.

Importance of healthy gut bacteria

Gut bacteria have both good and bad bacteria. When too much of the bad bacteria prevail, it can contribute to certain diseases. Knowing the condition of bacteria in your gut can help diagnose several diseases as certain patterns have been found to be linked with different diseases. You may get yourself a gut bacteria test kit which you can operate. The companies are even making bacteria test kits that you can use at home without the hassle of a doctor.

Gut bacteria test kit review

A company that provides with the gut bacteria test from London is the Atlas Biomed. This company is a pioneer in making innovations and providing tests regarding bacteria and gut health. They have worked on the microbiome health and have stressed upon its importance by making available some tests for the customers. One such test is called the Microbiome Test. It gives an insight into your gut health and provides a great deal of information that rather becomes complex but nonetheless is highly useful in improving one’s gut health as the test also provides food and diet recommendations.

Claimed Potentials

The website of the company Atlas Biomed provides a great deal of information about their test kits and makes quite a few claims regarding the tests’ potential in exploring one’s gut health. The website also sheds light on what impacts gut health and how one can improve their microbiome health. Moreover, it provides basic information about microbiome and the two types of tests they were offering including the Microbiome Test and DNA test. The images of the kits are also displayed, and their different parts are described with their uses which makes it easier to use the kit when it arrives. The kit is easy to use if the manual has been observed properly. The packages are delivered with return postages which makes it all the more convenient while sending the sample back to the lab for testing.


Results are shown on the account that is made while you register for the kit. The result includes classifications in sections in order to provide deep details obtained from the testing.

  • Health

The health section in the results shows the prognostic diseases. It displays these risked diseases on a diagram as well and shows five of the diseases. This section links each of the diseases that your body might be prone to and also provides detailed information about the findings. When you click on the disease, it gives further information and tells you about the degree of risk. Furthermore, each disease has more sections in it including genetic impact, prevalence, microbiome protection, and lifestyle impact. To get more information on the genetic impact and lifestyle impact you have to take the DNA test and the lifestyle questionnaire as well. If you only take the microbiome test, it will give details about microbiome protection and prevalence. A lot more other statistics and information is given that may not be understandable to everyone, but the final results in the section are listed clearly and simply.

  • Microbiome rating

Microbiome ratings show scorings in different fields of microbiome information that is rated out of ten. Furthermore, it gives you information about each of the category rated and recommendations on how to improve and achieve the appropriate health.

  • Ancestry

This section provides an interesting insight into one’s micro biome’s ancestry. It uses factors like diet and composition of the bacteria to determine which nationality is prevalent in your microbiome.

  • Microbiome type

It shows the different types of the microbiome in your gut along with how and where they overlap. For example, the Urban Citizen type of microbiome shows that it is short on diversity and the prevalence of Bacteroides. Furthermore, it gives information about other types of the microbiome that are present in a smaller dominance. These were basically determined by factors like the ancestry of the microbiome and prevailing food groups in the diet as use of flour, meat and fish is associated with a Western diet, the microbiome would probably classify into the urban citizen type.


The microbiome test provided by Atlas Biomed is a very helpful test in gaining loads of information about one’s gut health. There are very helpful features such as showing the impact of genes, diet or lifestyle on your gut health and the risking diseases it may be housing. Furthermore, it also has some really interesting and fun features of showing the nationality and types of one’s microbiome. The very helpful and useful feature of dietary recommendations is also present that can help improve your health and also fight the prognostic diseases. It is a test that is helpful to people belonging to varying spectrums with complexities as well as simple conclusions and diagrams. Overall, it is very useful and is recommended for everyone looking for information on their gut health.

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