How Many Grams Of fiber advice Per Day – For Optimal Weight Loss And Health

The benefits of ingesting fiber with our daily meals has been a long-talked-about topic, not only by doctors and health organizations, but also often hailed by researchers working on collecting meta-data that helped in creation of a new study that proposes how many grams of fiber per day we should eat, also revealing the types of carbohydrates that can effectively help in fighting off noncommunicable diseases and prevent excessive weight gaining.

The new study is led by the World Health Organization, and it uses a series of systematic reviews and meta-data analysis collected during a period of the last 40 years, revealing how chronic diseases, otherwise known as noncommunicable medical conditions, can be efficiently tamed with a proper daily intake of fiber and carbohydrates that your body will know how to appreciate.

40 Years of Meta-data Analysis is Revealing a Preferred Amount of Daily Fiber Intake

In accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO), there are several types of noncommunicable diseases, which include diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic respiratory diseases.

All of these conditions and risk factors following are said to be solvable in terms of prevention with acquiring a healthy and well-balanced diet that will introduce your body to a proper “intake dose” of fiber and the right types of carbohydrates, or carbs.

Researchers from the World Health Organization used meta-data analysis collected in the period of the last four decades, while also organizing clinical trials that helped the researchers determine the proper amount of fiber that should be ingested on a daily basis, while the trials also revolved around researching the benefits of certain groups of carbohydrates.

Jim Mann, a professor at the University of Ohio and also one of the corresponding authors of the latest study, states that the initial research revolved around researching carbohydrate quality, which posed as the main indicator into determining which types of foods can have a positive impact on various health conditions.

At the same time, the researchers determined the exact amount of fiber that should become a part of your daily dietary plan.

Experts Claim the Perfect Daily Intake of Fiber Should Be Between 25 and 29 Grams

After 58 clinical studies and 185 observational studies included in the research of the World Health Organization, the researchers came to a conclusion that the perfect daily intake of fiber shouldn’t be lower than 25 grams, but should also not exceed 29 grams of fiber on a daily basis.

The study revolved around researching the impact of dietary habits in relation to chronic diseases and premature deaths, while the researchers used their observation for determining how fiber and carbs can affect the overall mitigation and reduction of risk factors for diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease and a range of type of cancers, including obesity-related cancer.

The average consumption of fiber in the US presently stands at 15 grams daily, which is way below the minimum recommended fiber intake based on the study that the World Health Organization conducted and later on published.

What researchers were also able to determine, is the fact that people who consume their recommended dose of daily fiber intake are up to 30% less likely to get cardiovascular diseases, which may further cause premature death if untreated and prevented.

Additionally, consumption of foods rich in fiber may also reduce risks of getting cancer, stroke, and type 2 diabetes anywhere from 16% to 24%.

Even though researchers indicate in the mentioned study that increasing the daily intake of fiber over 29 grams may work more efficiently in mitigating and reducing risk factors that come with noncommunicable diseases, the study indicates that consuming over 29 grams of fiber on a daily basis may have unwanted side-effects for people with insufficient minerals and iron in their organism.

What the study is also emphasizing is the fact that fiber is in strong correlation with the lack of weight problems, as well as with low cholesterol levels.

Fiber and Your Body Needs It

Fiber can be easily ingested on a daily basis as high doses of this appreciated substances that can be consumed both in natural and synthetic form but is recommended to look for natural sources of fiber.

Foods like vegetables, whole grains and legumes such as peas, chickpeas, and lentils, all have high concentrations of fiber, which you can take advantage of for regulating your daily consumption of this crucial substance.

Professor Mann further indicates that the foods rich in fiber that takes some time to chew and can retain a great part of a benevolent structure that fiber-rich foods have are working on helping with weight control and feeling satiety, that way also reducing chances of obesity-related cancer and other diseases in relation with overweight problems.

Fiber-rich foods also have a positive impact on lipid and glucose levels in our body, which is why a recommended dose will help you establish a healthy balance in your organism.

To improve the quality of your dietary habits, the World Health Organization recommends that fiber should be consumed in natural form, further adding that refined grains should be replaced with whole grains, which altogether reduces risk factors of a wide range of diseases.

Furthermore, ingesting fiber through regular intake of fiber-rich foods should also help with blood sugar control, memory and brain function, as well as improving your immune system as fiber affects the number of your gut bacteria in a positive way.

Since good gut bacteria need food to protect your body and fight against “bad bacteria”, regular intake of fiber on a regular, daily basis, should also prevent colon cancer and keep your digestive system properly functioning.

What you need to note in this case, is that fiber in this case may also act as prebiotics, posing as a food for good bacteria as human body is not able to process and digest a type of enzyme found in fiber, which is why fiber comes as one of the most useful substances for the overall health of your digestive system alongside the proven fact that proper intake of  fiber may help you reduce risks of noncommunicable diseases.

Nuts and Seeds

FoodServedServing SizeCaloriesFiber Gramsalmondsraw1 oz (23 almonds)1634brazil nutsraw1 oz (6)1862chia seedsraw1 oz (5 Tbs)13810hazelnuts (filberts)raw1 oz (21 whole)1783pumpkin seedsraw1 oz (1/4 cup)1582sunflower seedsraw1 oz (1/4 cup)2043sunflower seedsdry-roasted1 oz (1/4 cup)1653sunflower seedsoil-roasted1 oz (1/4 cup)1683walnutsraw1 oz (14 halves)1852


FoodServedServing SizeCaloriesFiber Gramsapplesfresh1 medium954applesfrozen, unsweetened1 cup, slices832apricotsfresh1 fruit171apricotscanned, water pack, with skin1 cup, halves664bananasfresh1 medium1053blackberriesfresh1 cup978blackberriesfrozen, unsweetened1 cup978blueberrieswild, frozen1 cup716blueberriesfresh1 cup844blueberriesfrozen, unsweetened1 cup794boysenberriesfrozen, unsweetened1 cup, unthawed667cantaloupefresh1 cup, cubed541casaba melonfresh1 cup, cubed482cherimoyafresh1 fruit, without skin and seeds1767cherriesfresh1 cup, pitted973cherriescanned, water pack1 cup pitted1144clementinefresh1 fruit351cranberriesfresh1 cup, whole465currantsfresh1 cup635figsfresh2 medium743figscanned, water pack1 cup1316grapefruitfresh1 large532grapefruitsections, canned, water1 cup881grapesred or green, fresh1 cup1041guavafresh1 fruit, without refuse373guavafresh1 cup1129honeydew melonfresh1/8 medium melon, wedge581honeydew melonfrozen, balls1 cup, unthawed571kiwifresh2 fruits844lemonfresh1 fruit242limefresh1 fruit202mangofresh1 medium2025nectarinefresh1 medium622orangesfresh1 medium623papayafresh1 cup pieces683papayafresh1 small623passion fruitfresh1 fruit without refuse172peachesfresh1 cup, sliced602peachesfresh1 medium582pearsfresh1 medium1016persimmonsfresh, Japanese variety1 fruit1186pineapplefresh1 cup, chunks822pineapplecanned, water pack1 cup, crushed, sliced, or chunks792plantainfresh1 medium2184plumsfresh2 fruits612pomegranate seedsfresh1/2 cup724quincefresh1 fruit, without refuse522raspberriesfresh1 cup648rhubarbfresh1 cup, diced262rhubarbfrozen1 cup diced, uncooked293sour cherriesfresh1 cup, pitted783sour cherriesfrozen, unsweetened1 cup713sour cherriescanned, water pack1 cup883starfruitfresh1 medium fruit283strawberriesfresh1 cup, sliced533strawberriesfresh1 cup whole463strawberriesfrozen, unsweetened1 cup, unthawed523tamarindfresh1 cup, pulp2876tangerinefresh1 medium472watermelonfresh,1 cup461


FoodServedServing SizeCaloriesFiber Gramsartichokes, globe or Frenchfresh1 medium, cooked6410artichokes, globe or Frenchfresh1/2 cup hearts, cooked457artichokes, globe or Frenchfrozen1/3 of 9oz package364artichokes, globe or Frenchhearts, canned1/2 cup457asparagusfresh1 cup, cooked404asparagusfrozen1 cup, cooked323asparaguscanned1 cup372avocadofresh1/2 medium1617avocadofresh1/2 cup, sliced1175beet greensfresh1 cup, chopped, cooked394beetscanned1 cup slices533beetsfresh1 cup, sliced, cooked753bell (sweet) peppersfresh1 cup, chopped, raw303bell (sweet) pepperscanned1 cup, halves252bok choyfresh1 cup shredded, raw91bok choyfresh1 cup shredded, cooked202broccoli rabefresh1 bunch, cooked14412brussels sproutsfrozen1 cup, cooked656brussels sproutsfresh1 cup, cooked564butterhead lettucefresh1 cup, shredded, raw71carrotsfresh1 cup slices or strips, raw503carrotsfresh or frozen1 cup, sliced, cooked555carrotscanned1 cup, slices574carrotsfresh1 cup, grated, raw453cassavafresh1 cup, raw3304cauliflowerfresh1 cup, raw272cauliflowerfresh1 cup, cooked293cauliflowerfrozen1 cup, cooked345celeryfresh1 cup, chopped, raw162celeryfresh1 cup chopped, cooked272chili peppersgreen hot peppers, canned1 cup, chopped or diced292cilantrofresh9 sprigs, raw51collard greensfresh1 cup, chopped, cooked638collard greensfrozen1 cup, chopped, cooked615cornfresh1 cup cooked, without salt1434cornfrozen1 cup, cooked1344corncanned1 cup, drained1303cucumbersfresh, with peel1 cup, sliced141dandelion greensfresh1 cup, chopped, cooked353eggplantfresh1 cup, cooked353endive greensfresh1 cup, chopped, raw82green beansfresh1 cup, cooked444green beansfrozen or canned1 cup, cooked384green cabbagefresh1 cup, shredded, raw182green cabbagefresh1 cup, shredded, cooked343green leaf lettucefresh1 cup, shredded, raw51green onionsfresh1 cup, chopped, raw323iceberg lettucefresh1 cup, shredded, raw101kalefresh1 cup, chopped, raw281kalefresh1 cup, chopped, cooked363kalefrozen1 cup chopped or diced, cooked393kohlrabifresh1 cup, raw365lambsquartersfresh1 cup, chopped, cooked585leeksfresh, bulb and lower leaf portion1 leek, cooked481mustard greensfresh1 cup, chopped, cooked363mustard greensfrozen1 cup, chopped, cooked284okrafresh1 cup, slices, cooked534okrafrozen1 cup, slices, cooked534onionsfresh1 cup, chopped, raw643onionsfresh10 rings, raw241onionsfresh1 cup, cooked923onionsfrozen1 cup chopped, cooked594onionscanned1 cup, chopped or diced433parsleyfresh1 cup, chopped, raw222parsnipsfresh1 cup, slices, cooked1116portobello mushroomsfresh1 cup, sliced, grilled353red cabbagefresh1 cup, shredded, raw222red cabbagefresh1 cup, shredded, cooked444romaine lettucefresh1 cup, shredded81romaine lettucefresh1 outer leaf51sweet potatoesfresh1 medium, baked in skin1034sweet potatoesfresh1 cup mashed, cooked without skin2498sweet potatoesfrozen1 cup, cubes, cooked1763swiss chardfresh1 cup, chopped, cooked354tomatoesfresh1 cup, chopped or sliced, raw322tomatoesfresh1 cup, cooked432tomatoescanned1 cup, stewed663white mushroomsfresh1 cup, pieces or slices, raw151white mushroomsfresh1 cup, pieces, cooked442white mushroomscanned1 cup394zucchini squashfresh1 cup, sliced, raw191zucchini squashfresh1 cup, sliced, cooked272zucchini squashfrozen1 cup, cooked383


FoodServedServing SizeCaloriesFiber Gramsbarleypearl1 cup, cooked1936brown ricelong-grain1 cup, cooked2164brown ricemedium-grain1 cup, cooked2184buckwheatgroats, roasted1 cup, cooked1555milletMillet1 cup, cooked2072oatsquick or regular1 cup, cooked1664oatsoat bran1 cup, cooked886quinoaquinoa1 cup, cooked2225ryeflakes1 cup, cooked1705spaghettiwhole wheat1 cup, cooked1746wheatbulgur1 cup, cooked1518wheatwhole wheat, hot cereal1 cup, cooked1504whole grain cornmealyellow, whole-grain1 cup, cooked1463wild ricewild rice1 cup, cooked1663

Beans and Peas

FoodServedServing SizeCaloriesFiber Gramsblack beanscanned1/2 cup1098black beansdry1/2 cup, cooked1208black-eyed peasdry1/2 cup, cooked996black-eyed peascanned1/2 cup924edamame (green soybeans)frozen1 cup, cooked1898garbanzo beanscanned1/2 cup1065garbanzo beansdry1/2 cup, cooked1346kidney beansdry1/2 cup, cooked1127kidney beanscanned1/2 cup1047lentilsdry1/2 cup, cooked1158lima beansdry, baby1/2 cup, cooked1157lima beansdry, large1/2 cup, cooked1087lima beanscanned, large1/2 cup956navy beansdry1/2 cup, cooked12710navy beanscanned1/2 cup1487peasfresh1/2 cup, cooked624peasfrozen1/2 cup, cooked674peascanned1/2 cup724pigeon peas 1 cup, cooked17010pinto beansdry1/2 cup, cooked1228pinto beanscanned1/2 cup986

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