Keto Diet Cheat Day Damage Blood Vessel

Keto Diet Cheat Day & Blood vessel damage

The Ketogenic diet is a diet plan developed to put the body through a high metabolic state called ketosis. This type of diet includes an extreme reduction in carbohydrates and increase in fat. This diet has many health benefits including fighting against Alzheimer’s and even cancer. The carbohydrates are placed by the fats which increase the levels of insulin and can also help the body burn fat extremely fast. Moreover, the fats are converted into ketones, which increase the energy supply to the brain.

Cheat day damage

Keto diet has major health benefits but having a cheat day might actually become quite costly. It is very normal and usual for people on diets to treat themselves every now and then with a little cheat meal or a cheat day. Studies have shown what the damages keto diet cheat day may cause in your body.

Glucose effect

This keto diet cheat day- blood vessel damage effect has been proven by several studies. In a study conducted on nine men who were put on a ketogenic diet for about seven days. However, this time period allotted is not enough for the body to adapt to a keto diet. The body becomes adapted to a keto diet when it begins to depend upon fats for most nutrition rather than on carbs; this is when the body is undergoing the process of ketosis. The diet they were put on while on keto consisted of only 10 percent of carbohydrates while fats were taken about 70 percent. Their diet further had proteins which were only 20 percent. In the beginning, before being put on the keto diet, they were given to drink a certain amount of glucose and observed the results on blood vessels. At the end of the study, when seven days had passed, they again took the same amount of glucose. Only this time it had damaging effects on the endothelial cells that line the blood vessels, thus causing harm to the blood vessel itself. This is what the reintroduction of glucose suddenly can do to the biomarkers in the blood that consequently affect the blood vessel health.

Result of a sudden glucose intake in a Keto-adapted body

This showed immense harms to cardiovascular health. It is even more dangerous as the keto diet has become a very famous diet plan that many people follow and the study had shown that even in young, healthy men, it could result in poor cardiovascular activity. This is because the body has become so used to depending on fats alone that when even a moderate amount of glucose is reintroduced to the body, it shows a sudden and alarming response. The levels of glucose in the body adapted to the keto diet are very low as it is consuming all the energy from fats and little from carbs and proteins.

Other damages caused by Keto diet cheat day

Keto diet has been carefully designed by many scientists, and a lot of studies has gone into it, which is why keto is a challenging diet to stay. It demands commitment, and it takes time for the body to undergo ketosis, and once it does, it can be brought back very carefully. This is not a diet that you can on for one day and abandons the next. This could have serious effects on your health.

Weight gain

The keto diet puts the body in a very restricted mode. When you go on a cheat day and consume carbs, this can disrupt the body’s routine of fat burning, and if consumed high levels of carbs your body may go back to storing fat. Moreover, high consumption of carbs suddenly can also create water retention in the, adding to your water weight and usually ends up causing bloating as well. Carbs also increase the appetite, making you consume more and more and ultimately gain weight. So while cheating on a keto dies, be very careful what the number of carbs that go in your body.


Carbohydrates can make you feel hungry. It may fill you for a while but will also make you eat more and more often. This can increase the element of craving carbs, and you may end up destroying your whole diet if you consume too many carbs and little fat on your cheat day.


The people who go on a keto diet in order to cure their epilepsy may end up receiving seizures if they go on a longer period of cheat time.

High sugar level

The sudden intake of sugar can raise the levels of sugar in your body. This can reverse the effects a keto diet has on blood sugar levels especially for people with diabetes. If you are diabetic, the keto diet may help you keep your blood sugar levels in check but a cheat day may cost you much more than it will a person dieting for weight loss. This is because when the sugar levels are really down even a moderate amount of sugar can make the blood sugar level spike and give you high sugar attacks. These types of attacks can have very long terms effects on the brain as well causing dementia. This can affect certain organs severely resulting in amputation or blindness.

Other health problems

Other health problems such as gas can also occur if you go on a cheat day and consume high carb foods. The carbs can lead to water storage in the body which makes you feel unpleasant and bloats the stomach. Moreover, this also causes gas which can result in pain and uneasiness. These changes can further lead to emotional disappointment and may lower your confidence levels.


Keto diet is a strict diet that you should seriously consider before embarking on. A sudden cheat day on a keto diet can make your body suffer extremely severely and have more damaging effects than you think.


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