Keto Diet Problems? - Fix These 5 Keto Mistakes

Keto Diet Problems? – Fix These 5 Keto Mistakes

If you run into problems on your keto diet or just want to get it right the first time, then read here how to fix 5 keto diet problems.

1. Stay Committed

So the very first mistake is not being patient in the Keto adaptation phase. You need to understand that you have been driving on carbohydrates throughout your life, and now you ask your body to completely switch metabolism and start using fat for energy instead of carbs. . .

You will get some withdrawal effects throughout this time, commonly referred to as the keto flu.

What you have to do is be persistent. The Keto flu passes and suddenly you will feel better and you will be in Ketosis, just stay with it, ok? 🙂

2. Not Getting Enough Fat

Do you get enough fat? You need to understand that this is a super high-fat diet: 75% + of your calories must come from fat, f.ex. eggs, fish, pork, avocado, coconut oil, MCT.

You can read or print out the Keto food list via this link  

Mabey you have avoided fat all your life and now you look at the shopping cart and you have nothing but fat in it, but this is a good thing.
Fat is your new good clean energy source. As you no longer run on carbs, you need fat, and if you do not get enough fat, your energy levels will fall and you may end up quitting.

3. Too Much Protein

Do you get too much protein? If you eat too much protein on this diet, then a process which is called gluconeogenesis, will treat the protein as carbohydrate and converted it to glucose, and it will kick you out of ketosis.

It is important that you choose a high-Fat low-protein food, so don’t eat too much chicken, tuna or steaks.

When you go to the grocery store, you need to buy full-fat ground beef instead of the ground turkey and you’ll have to go to the ordinary (organic) bacon instead of turkey bacon. You will only have 20% of your calories coming from protein, ok?

4. Low On Electrolytes

You are low on electrolytes. Electrolytes are critical to this diet, and they are the number one reason why most people end up failing. However, if you do not have enough electrolyte sodium magnesium potassium, you will experience headaches, fatigue, constipation, drowsiness and you just want to stop the keto diet.

Insulin also seems to be the hormone that tells your kidneys to store sodium, and if you suppress insulin, your flushing out all the sodium from your body, especially when exercising and sweating.

Replace all the sodium by salting your food heavily with Himalayan salt or another very pure salt. Eat salty often. One of my favorite tricks is drinking a cup of chicken broth.

Potassium is also a primary significant electrolyte. It’s used in all different types of contractions to your heart and other organs. Eat foods like green vegetables and avocados.

Finally, we have magnesium, another important electrolyte that is used in almost any chemical process in your body. Magnesium supplement, is, in my opinion, necessary.

5. Hidden Carbohydrates

As only 5% of your calories should come from carbohydrates, you want to eat many green vegetables and seeds, but you also need to keep an eye on the hidden carbohydrates found in processed foods (don’t eat processed foods).

Companies have become professionals to store carbohydrates in food, so be sure to read the food labels. See how many grams of carbohydrates there are in each, and more importantly, look at the ingredient list to see if you can identify different names for sugars.

Read about other essential supplements.

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  1. Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to make towards their healthy living and perfect body. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
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  2. Thank you this reminding post. I remember reading this keto products from your website. I think is a good food supplement. I have friend that is consistent in using it. Initially, he was seeing the results due to her food routine. But i encourage he to carry on which she is now seeing the result

  3. I read your whole article and I’m very thankful for providing the diet tips. However, it will be better if you explain what is Keto as well. There are lots of people who don’t know what Keto means. So, if you explain that in this article, then that will be more good.

  4. This is really a good review on this article. One major key to keto diet is to be committed because getting glucose from other source other than carbohydrate is really a big task. Other sources to get glucose has been stated here to avoid opting out of this diet option, they include eating more food rich in fats, protein by the process of gluconeogenesis and so on. This is really a useful information. Nice job. 

  5. Hello

    Keto Diet – A high fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb eating procedure – can help with weight loss and lower blood sugar, but may have some unwanted side effects too.Where does your strength come from? most people, suffer from taking extra carbohydrates. But the followers of Katogenic Diet take a different approach and start their energy from fat.I found out more about the diet problem for us. I will share this article with all of my family.

  6. I have read a lot about this diet, but I still have doubt as to how long the body will stay away from carbohydrate. If I start keto dieting, will I stop eating carbohydrate for life or it is just temporary?I pretty understand that the body need more salts than sugar, hence Himalayan salt is a good way to meet our body’s demand for salt.

    1.  Hi that is a good question, some people stay in ketosis for years and are fine, but keto is a good diet to do in cycles. I allow myself to carb up once in a while 🙂  and if I gain a few pounds or just need to feel better overall I go back to strict keto diet for four weeks.  Then I feel good again with a steady energy. Then I like to keep it there, but sometimes it’s slides or I allow it to slide and that is fine 🙂 that approach had worked great for me the last three years.

      Thanks you 

  7. Being on keto diet is so fanciful and very rewarding to your health. This is only achievable if one can adhere strictly to the rules. These rules are so simple like staying committed to the program and being able to resist any attempt to withdraw.  It is possible to get some withdrawal effects throughout the program, this is commonly referred to as the keto flu.You must also have enough electrolyte sodium magnesium potassium,This will help you overcome fatigue, constipation, drowsiness and headachesThis program helps you look good.

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