Ketogenic Diet Testimonials - 30 Days of Keto Diet

Ketogenic Diet Testimonials – 30 Days of Keto Diet

This is one of the Ketogenic Diet Testimonials I have received. These girls haven’t followed the Keto diet 100 % strictly, but here is what they experienced.

Ketogenic Diet Testimonials

Can a diet that is mainly fat help me lose fat? I need to find out.
This month I will try a 30-day challenge on the ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet is a way to eat where 70-80% of my calories come from a healthy fat source, and only 5-10% of my calories come from carbohydrates and 20-25% comes from a protein source. So when I look at the balance in my food, I need to eat a lot more fat. The benefit of this is that it helps our body switch from glucose metabolism to a fat-based metabolism, so our bodies are actually grabbing and breaking fat into ketones and using it for energy.

Thoughts On Day One

The ketogenic diet is extreme which can be difficult to follow, but there is a lot of proper research that shows amazing health benefits.The other concern for many is how it will affect their digestion.

I’m excited to see if I can actually go through the 30 days. I think it’s always nice to incorporate a challenge Okay, 30 days … keto challenge … starting now!

I just wanted to measure my ketone levels in my urine, so I have these small test strips, I measure it by, and today I’m not in ketosis and it makes sense I haven’t started. :-))

I’d like to see some weight loss….

Keto week one is over

What a weird diet, is all I can say, but I actually lost a lot of water weight in the first week, and I was really surprised because I have eaten fat.

Heres what it is … I do not eat dairy and I almost do not eat meat, so it is difficult for me to get to the ketosis state based on my current diet, all that fat is a little too much for me, I am having two spoons of coconut oil just to beat my fatty content.

One thing that ketosis taught me is reading labels, and it is really interesting to look after carbohydrates and net carbs fiber – I’ve never really noticed before.

I can now create the right macro nutrition balance when I eat, so I have protein, I have vegetables, I have a good source of fat, and I have tried to eat a higher amount than I usually do.

My energy levels which I was curious to see how would be affected, have been fairly consistent … a week down, three weeks to go, who knows how it goes?

One thing that blows my mind regarding keto, is how much more money I spend on groceries. I used to spend like $ 65 a week with Trader Joe’s. Today I looked through my spends and it was $ 95. I think it’s because I usually buy mostly vegetables and now I really need animal protein with each meal, and it really adds up.


I was really curious to see how it was going to impact my endurance.
Usually, I get fatigued during a run even if it’s three miles, my legs start to feel really heavy, but that didn’t happen last time…

What has been pretty interesting on this ketogenic diet is my energy levels and my desire to eat.
I do think about food pretty frequently throughout the day, but I don’t have this intense hunger that I used to have on my prior diet… 


Moodwise I don’t feel bad, I don’t think I’m quite like going into keto or ketosis. I have had much more meat, so my digestion, to be honest, is not on point. I will say this though, I am not terribly hungry when it is dinner.

I feel really good, I feel consistent, I get the best sleep ever, yes I sleep really hard, and I don’t want to get up in the morning, which is unusual for me.

At The End

One thing I do is taking the HUM’s Ripped Rooster Supplement, which has 7-Keto, and the supplement is slightly designed to help your body treat fat more effectively, so it’s like a useful boost in your keto journey.

What I learned from keto is that it is really difficult to remove an entire food group such as cereals. But I learned how many carbs there are in things that I would never have thought like fruit and my coconut water and pretty much everything we eat, so not that I will continue to count carbs, but I’m definitely more attentive …

So in the last 30 days I’ve lost 5 pounds, which is not bad considering I was not strictly on the diet. Still I ate butter, bacon, coconut oil, lots of fatty stuff every day, and I could still go and drink with my friends on the weekends, so yes it’s strange to have lost five pounds considering all that.

My take on keto, I liked the way it has affected my energy levels. When I get hungry, I get irritated, maybe even mean, but that didn’t happen, it was just a very steady energy.

I don’t think that is sustainable or realistic to me in the long run. Keto diet is something I personally would recommend, but for small periods.
I don’t think that most people should go on for a long time.
I think if you have certain genetic variations, it can actually be negative for you to make a keto diet. Especially if your body is unable to effectively treat and transform saturated fats.

But I totally support eating larger amounts of fats, lower amounts of processed carbohydrates and just paying attention to your macronutrient balance, making it a little more fat and vegetable-heavy against carbohydrate heavy – that’s the end of my 30-day keto challenge.


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