How You Learn as you sleep

Learn as you sleep – New Study

Are you tired of your 24 hours routine? Around 3rd part of a day has been consumed in sleeping. Do you think you shouldn’t sleep to learn more?
Well, the new studies and research prove that you can “learn as you sleep” – new study. To get a nap is a kind of your learning, repeating or memorizing the whole stuff that you have learned. Scientist says that sleep learning is sharpening your brain memory and modernize your brain’s capacity to store in a more enhanced and well-mannered way. It behaves as a chip embeds on the processor which saves a lot of data when the computer is hut down. Our brain is like a computer which stores information of the whole day, and then at the end of the day, it’s back up process starts when we sleep.

Sleep learning

The concept of sleep learning is known as hypnopedia. Its history is prolonged and is researched now. Its first history was demonstrated and published in 1914 by a German psychologist whose name was Rosa Heine. She reached on a conclusion that a person who learns something before going to sleep can remember it in the right way and even his recalling power becomes stable. She did experiments on both kinds of students or folks who learn during the day or who leans at night. Then she resulted above conclusion.

All activities that a person do at day time stored at hippocampus and night when a person gets a nap all his activities replays and shifted from the hippocampus to long term memories where it can be stored and recalled after a long time too.

Piano melodies via sleep learning

A study or search was made which results or whole methodology or procedures were published in a journal known as Nature Neuroscience. The scenario is journal was like participants were given a piece of paper where diagrammatically melodies were shown along with its every note. Participants took 90 minutes nap, and they were found to be practicing in their nap. When they went into a deep sleep, then a melody was played at the background, and it was repeated four times. Its result turned like participants after waking up can accurately represent the songs with perfect note combination. In this way, memory boost occurs in the shape of sleep learning.

Learning a new language

The human brain is such a mystery and its challenging to understand it thoroughly. Although science has made his efforts to make it simpler to understand for others, unfortunately, they couldn’t.  Even one cannot think about the images or thoughts that are coming in others mind. It’s such a beautiful creation which performs lots of tasks even when we are sleeping. No one can think that sleeping might prove best or helpful in memorizing the thing. Even if you want to learn a new skill then sleep learning is considered best. Sleep learning also faster your brain due to which it can work more efficiently than before. This seems to be the easiest and cheapest way of learning.

The premises behind sleep learning depends upon audio sources as no one can practice in writing or reading while sleeping. If he/she does then, it can be so annoyed that whole things can be messed up or everyone in the house can get irritated quickly. After that, if you think speaking in sleep can give you a chance to learn new things, then it’s all your imagination and worst imagination because when you sleep at night and starts talking it seems like you’re not in your sense and acting abnormally. Audio programs to learn any new things prove best where you put handsfree in your ears and start listening to it until you get to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you will remember those words that were playing in your ears. As far as you relax your senses stop working and your brain comes into a condition where memory boosting process starts and backups going to be loaded in your memory chips.

Smoking habits

A lot of research and studies have been done on this topic and has been considered as a hot cake topic in research field now a day. It is also studied that particular forms of learning happen during day time and that form is called conditioning sleep. A journal study can be associated with it where the scientist said that people can get condition in their sleep and can match odor with sound well. To testify these, they again experimented participants who were sleeping, and after that, they unleash fish smell. After they woke up when the same melody was played, they held their breath to stop inhaling process. A new result or a hypothesis was derived from it that human can also derive or learn new memories that are associated with their old memories. A lady whose name is Andillion claimed it.

Moreover, the people who were addicted to smoking used cigarettes when the smell was exposed to them. They did so because they slept after being smoked.

Double Duty

The human brain performs multiple actions at a time. It stores exciting moments as well as it saves old memories and many more, but in sleep time it performs 2 activities. Scientist and their teams found that hippocampus and brain regions are closely linked to each other to learn new languages during sleep. While the hippocampus task is to stay active during consciousness. But in sleeping hours it performs memory storage task along with consciousness alert. It stays unconscious during deep sleep while conscious during day time when a man is in his full senses. Just suggested this theory.


The human brain is so complex that no one can elaborate it with little ease or even no one can associate its functions with other functions. The scientist is working hard to shed more light on sleep learning and studies are still on the go. Let’s see what happened and where it stops.


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